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Diving Torches Di Pietrini Arnaldo Valerio
Via Dei Cybo, 36
00163 Roma, Italien

Telefon: +39 0338 7727237
Fax: +39 0666 153633

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Diving Torches is a company established in Rome (Italy) in 2009 specialized in underwater lighting equipment, with the mission to build high quality products at right prices. We offer a large number of products for technical end recreational diving. Our main products are H.I.D lamps (High Intensity Discharge) developed from Automotive technology in order to get reliable products and spare parts at affordable prices. In addition of "general purpose" lighting, we developed specific products for photo and video activities using the latest LED technology in the market. We also manufacture and distribute lithium-ion battery packs, with different shape and capacity at very interesting prices, in order to meet the demand of many divers who need to replace their exhausted battery packs. Diving Torches is the official italian distributor for the brand "i-divesite" the leader compnay for underwater photography. All our products can be ordered online through our internet site www.diving-torches.com, we ship worldwide using UPS.