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Your Questions

Contacts Duesseldorf

Here you can find an overview of useful contacts.

Project Director
Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel
Jutta Lampmann Jutta Lampmann

Space allocation / Hall planning
Malte Seifert Malte Seifert
Arne von Heimendahl Arne von Heimendahl
Viktoria Marx Viktoria Marx

Advertising & Promotion
Geraldine Brandt Geraldine Brandt

Bianca Schmidt Bianca Schmidt

Technical Services
Hotline Hotline

Tania Vellen Tania Vellen
Manuela Preinbergs Manuela Preinbergs
Cathrin Imkampe Cathrin Imkampe

Radio and TV
Daniela Nickel Daniela Nickel
Michael Vellen Michael Vellen

Stand construction
Hotline Hotline

Logistics / Traffic (e.g. parking permits, traffic regulations)
Werner Arnold Werner Arnold
Stefanie Schoetzau Stefanie Schoetzau

Stand Cleaning / Waste Management / Surveillance + Security
Guido Pape Guido Pape

Storage / Space for Supply Purposes (e.g. container, tents, trucks)
Guido Pape Guido Pape

Work + Safety
Markus Leuker Markus Leuker
Michael Schmitz Michael Schmitz

Protocol Department
Florian Müller Florian Müller
Friederike Sander Friederike Sander
Wolfgang von Schumann Wolfgang von Schumann

Guest service / Visitor Groups
Marek Chromik Marek Chromik

Internet Services / New Media
Marc Falk Marc Falk

Cashier's office, ticket sales
Roswitha Okrey-Koll Roswitha Okrey-Koll

Accounting / Invoice enquiries
Birgit Ott Birgit Ott
Stefanie Girrulat Stefanie Girrulat


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