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Fourth Element - Arctic Extreme Performance Undergarment</03.12>

New diving equipment 2013

Fourth Element - Arctic Extreme Performance Undergarment

Arctics high-performing thermal undergarment is now available in a simple one piece option. Featuring the innovative two layer technology by Fourth Element, the One Piece Arctic provides a simple solution to the challenges of thermal protection. The Arctic's two layers of high insulation, low bulk fabric, ensure exceptional levels of thermal protection. Constructed with comfort and utility in mind, the minimalist design provides outstanding performance under closer fitting neoprene drysuits. In a layering system , the Arctic is also suited for use underneath membrane and trilaminate suits.

One Piece Arctic Undersuit
Backed by years of field testing by the Norwegian Navy, the British Antarctic Survey Dive Team, the French Marines and the Danish Navy, the Arctic was designed using high technology fabrics and has been tested in real diving conditions from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

Arctic Top
The Arctic top is designed with a long body portion to ensure adequate overlap between the top and trousers. Thumb loops prevent the sleeves from riding up during donning. Remember to remove them and tuck them back underneath the wrist seals. Tuck the top into the waistband of the trousers before donning drysuit to prevent any separation during the dive.

Arctic Leggings
The Arctic leggings feature secure foot loops to keep leggings in place when donning the drysuit. A high waistband ensures that separation of top and leggings is minimised. Tuck the top into the waistband before donning the drysuit. The lower legs are single layered to prevent too much bulk around the ankles making donning easier. Short and long leg lengths are available.

Complete Thermal Protection
The Arctic drysuit undersuit is complemented by the Arctic socks, which completes the thermal protection system, offering low bulk thermal protection to the extremities. The two layer construction is warm and comfortable, and the inner liner can be pulled out from the outer liner to speed drying times.

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