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Hartenberger - Tech-Lights Wreck-maxi and Tech-maxi</03.12>

New diving equipment 2013

Hartenberger - Tech-Lights Wreck-maxi and Tech-maxi

Hartenberger Unterwassertechnische Geräte GmbH has once more received the "tauchen"-Award as best constructor of underwater lamps which was handed over to them on the boot 2012. The lamp sets wreck-maxi (wreck-maxi HID-gasdischarge) and tech-maxi have been especially designed and developed to meet the tough requirements of modern technical diving. The power pack and the lamp head are two separate modules connected with a cable The units are particularly small and streamlined for easy handling and optimum rig configuration.

The core of both lamps is the micro processor controlled switch. The individual components of the switch-module are identical with those of the power tube lamp mini and medi.The lamps have been pressure tested in pressure chambers to equivalent depths of over 500m (1650 feet). The electrical connection between lamp head and power pack is a specially welded, polyurethane cable, approx. 130cm (4 feet) in length.

The magnetic plunger which controls the lamps is completely independent of any mechanical connection to the inside of the housing. A hall sensor, senses the movement of the switch and the resulting changes in a magnetic field. The micro processor receives these signals and converts the commands into functional commands which change the brightness of the lamp to either 50%, 75%, 100% or 125% of full capacity. The deeper the switch is pressed, the brighter the light.

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