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183, route de Clisson
44230 Saint Sebastien-sur-Loire, Frankreich

Telefon: +33 9 75454048
Fax: +33 2 28001773

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About us

Adrena: insight of a young innovating company.

Michel and I created Adrena in September 2003 to commercialize the first of Adrena software, Optima.
Developed by Michel, Optima meet the needs of the navigators in terms of speed polar creation.
Really innovating, this software is still today the only one able to generate polars and performance studies from on water records. Now completed by the OptimaPro module, The Optima range offers an ultra performing software suite. And all the more since the Sailect function was developed in 2005 with the North Sails France team and Olivier Douillard in order to cartography and analyze the sails ranges.
Since its launch, this tool has been quickly adopted by most of all high level sailing teams racing IMOCA, VOR70 or America cup.

In parallel to Optima development, our insatiable Michel is working on the outcome of Adrena’s new software he began to work on for our personal use in racing. That is to say Tactique now called Adrena. At first, and all “Tonnerre de Brest” crew could tell about it, it was only aimed for pre start helping in La Trinité sur mer at the time when the GPS became really precise.
At this time, the Adrena software is more used as complementary navigation software mainly targeted in decision helping for windward/leeward loops and coastal races.
The standard version is completed with the TactiquePro version which “specs” were defined with the collaboration of K-Challenge afterguard cell for America Cup 2007. Michel and Olivier Douillard, part of the sailing team at this moment, worked closely to create an ultra precise module that meet the needs of the most demanding.

But it is with the launch of our Routing module that lots of navigators change of navigation software for Adrena.
In fact, our brilliant and prolific developer Michel succeeded in producing calculation algorithms and a friendly and efficient interface which had quickly seduced the best French navigators.
A wildfire is spread in the French offshore racing circle and that is way how most of Figarists, IMOCA or multihull skippers now use Adrena.
What a success in terms of image and what a stress to keep in satisfying all our clients…

Our last software is called AdrenaFirst, launched during last Paris boat show; it is a concentrate of Adrena’s basics, the essential to begin with electronic navigation in racing or cruising.

Regarding the organization side and evolution of the company, since beginning of 2010, Olivier has officially joined Adrena in becoming associate with Michel and me after having so much contributed with his innovating ideas.
And we have hired Julie Delcroix-Renouf to enforce the marketing and communication team. Doctor in sports management, she has worked for Tour de France à la voile and Paris Boat show within the communication department and she is holding a vice-champion title in 420. Julie is totally fulfilling the Adrena spirit.

Our software and service quality give Adrena more and more users. Available and efficient, the Adrena team has the service feeling and is aimed to client satisfaction.
Michel and Olivier are working on new functions, debugging, in short on all the technical side.
Julie and I are aimed to client relation, marketing, communication trying to enhance Michel’s creations.

See you soon among us!