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15 Exhibitors of Category "Masts/Spars/Booms/Rig Manufacturers"
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Beilken-Sails GmbH
Bremen, Germany
Fastmast Rainer Petras
Oberhausen, Germany

Bäume für Standard- und Einleinenreffsystem Bäume für Rollmasten mit rollen- oder...more


SPARCRAFT PERFORMANCE- Masten aus Aluminium und Carbon sind sowohl auf die hohen Anforderungen moderner Performance- und...more

Stockton-on-Tees, Great Britain / Northern Ireland

The HABITENT came to life through a need to provide both an external shelter and extra living space on our boat. Living...more

Herman Gotthardt GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
Rake Rigging BV
Medemblik, Netherlands
Sailbird-tribell GmbH
Hamburg, Germany

Yachtbesitzer: Lassen Sie Ihre Kinder mit dem vorhandenen Schlauchboot segeln und ihr eigener Kapitän sein. Ein...more

Sailbird ® die nachrüstbare Besegelung für Schlauchboote

Sailbird ® die nachrüstbare Besegelung für Schlauchboote von 2, 20 bis 3, 50 m. Die Sailbird- tribell...more

Southern Spars Europe A/S
Roedekro, Denmark [incl. Greenland]
Grand Prix rigs

With more than 600 custom- built rigs worldwide and as the official supplier to more than 25 one design classes, the...more


A mast is one of the most dynamic components of a yacht. It must be designed to cope with a multitude of loads...more

Masts for cruising/racing yachts

The desire to combine high performance for top- class racing and sufficient comfort for enjoyable cruising creates some...more

Rigging service recommendations

More details on the maintenance, service and repair for mast and rig packages of all sizes can be found in the Service...more

Superyacht masts

The mast, or masts, of a superyacht is the result of an incredible working partnership involving the expertise of the...more

VMG Mastbau und Rigging
Rochefort sur Mer, France
Wichard S.A.S
Thiers Cedex, France