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Marinas clean up plastic soup with Seabin

Marina Muiderzand first to showcase floating rubbish bin

ALMERE - Marina Muiderzand in Almere is the first Dutch yacht harbour with a Seabin. This floating rubbish bin extracts plastic and other debris from the water. This prevents any further build up of the plastic soup and other pollution in seas and oceans.

The Seabin was invented by two Australian surfers and boat builders: Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski. They were concerned about the increasing pollution of the oceans. ‘If we can have a rubbish bin on land, why not one in the water?’ they wondered. Following years of testing, they developed a floating rubbish bin which you can put in the water of any harbour or dock. Using an electric water pump, the Seabin filters out plastic bottles, cups, bags, tiny pieces of plastic, oil and other waste floating on the water, without endangering fish. One Seabin can thus remove 83,000 plastic bags and 20,000 plastic bottles in a year. That’s half a ton of rubbish. All the plastic is then recycled.

Partnership Seabin and Thuishavens
Two years ago, Nanke den Daas, director of Thuishavens, met the two surf dudes during the METS international trade show in Amsterdam. She was so enthusiastic about their invention that she decided to support their crowdfunding project. With the production ready, the company has been chosen to launch the Seabin in the Netherlands. Besides Marina Muiderzand, Thuishavens also manages Jachthaven Bruinisse, Jachthaven Naarden and Dorado Beach in Olburgen. In the marinas, the focus is on saving water and energy, reusing materials, separating waste and green energy. No harmful pesticides are used here. The marinas have also been awarded a blue flag for many years. Additionally, Thuishavens supports the Plastic Soup Foundation and the ‘By the Ocean we Unite’ foundation, which want to tackle the plastic pollution of the seawater at the source.

If the Seabin proves successful at Marina Muiderzand, the floating rubbish bin will be introduced in more marinas. “In our marinas, we are committed to safeguarding people and the planet. For that reason, we want to keep the water as clean as possible. We want to have the cleanest marinas in the Netherlands,” says Nanke den Daas. “The Seabin is totally in line with that vision. We can’t remove the plastic in the seas, but we want to show a good example. Our aim is to create more awareness for how water sports enthusiasts and our mooring holders contribute to keeping the water clean in our marinas and sailing area. The real solution is to stop polluting the water. So: clear up your rubbish. In that context, we also visit local schools as an ambassador for Seabin and invite pupils to come and see how Seabins work.”

Wide media attention
In recent months, Seabins have been installed in marinas all over the world.
In the UK, the well known Land Rover BAR yacht racing team launched the first Seabin in October. This was a media spectacle which received attention from the BBC and The Times, among others. Yesterday, it was the turn of the Netherlands. CEO and co-founder Pete Ceglinski attended the launch of the Seabin in Almere. “Thuishavens was one of the first to support our crowdfunding campaign. So my team and I are delighted with the launch of what we hope will be many Seabins in the Netherlands, making the waterways cleaner,” he says. “We’ve seen such amazing enthusiasm here. Not only for Seabin the product, but also for the associated educational and research, such as the practical programme for different groups in society.”

About Thuishavens/Den Daas Recreatie
The Thuishavens label includes four leading marinas: Jachthaven Naarden, Jachthaven Bruinisse, Marina Muiderzand and Dorado Beach. These have been managed by family-run business Den Daas Recreatie for over 25 years and accommodate thousands of water sports enthusiasts.

The marinas offer a wide range of toilet, washing and other facilities, varying from repair and maintenance services to catering and sailing schools. Thuishavens is committed to people and the planet and is a leader in corporate social responsibility. In the marinas, the focus is on water and energy savings, waste separation, recycling, safety and quality improvement. Thuishavens is also a certified teaching company.

More information is available at www.thuishavens.nl.

About The Seabin Project
The Seabin Project was founded by the Australian yachtsmen, surfers and professional boat builders Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski. They developed a floating rubbish bin for marinas and commercial harbours, docks and yacht clubs. The Seabin extracts all the floating waste out of the water and can absorb 1.5 kilos of waste a day. The aim is to prevent pollution of seas and oceans and restrict the expanding area of plastic soup. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the first V5 type was launched on the market. This will be used in the various marinas.

According to CEO and co-founder Pete Ceglinski, the real solution lies in education, scientific research and finding new technology. He sees the Seabin as an instrument to inspire a new generation of people to live in a world which does not need Seabins.

For more information, see: www.seabinproject.com.