YACHTLITE c/o Stefan Wienecke GmbH

More than just light - YACHTLITE

With innovative LED lighting products, YACHTLITE stands since 2002 for the implementation of customized solutions for the most demanding customer requirements. Long-standing globally renowned and popular are products from the YachtLite, FormLite, StairLite, FloorLite, RoomLite and HeliLite collections. Complementarily, the revolutionary XR1 elements, developed for highest demands, are already successfully in use. They perform reliably even under the most extreme conditions. Successfully tested according to GL directives for stress, vibration, pressure and temperature among others, XR1 is ideally suited for illuminating pool flooring, dance floors, steps, furniture, ceilings and walls. Intelligent light and temperature management are prerequisites for light mood, whether relaxed lounge atmosphere or animationwith dynamics. By YACHTLITE - as always - in the highest quality with perfect illumination.