Conrad S.A.

Production Update | C133 Nearing Completion

Conrad C133
Experience the last great freedom, the freedom of the sea, with the finest luxury motor yacht ever produced in Poland. Conrad Shipyard is proud to announce that their newest project, the Conrad C133, is nearing its completion. The C133 will be the largest luxury motor yacht ever built in Poland, which is a humbling step for the shipyard, but also an important step for Polish luxury shipbuilding industry, looking to further establish their name in the Superyacht market and the luxury yachting industry in general.

While other European shipyards merely assemble their yachts, Conrad Shipyard breathes life into them with a tradition of craftsmanship that reaches back to the great age of sail.  In fact, the shipyard is named after the famous Polish-British writer, Joseph Conrad, who captured the spirit of that age. The skill of old world craftsmanship is blended seamlessly with the latest technology to produce truly unique vessels with a truly unique value proposition. 

With a respectable turnaround time of three years from initial discussions, the launch is planned for December 2017 just in time to celebrate Joseph Conrad’s birthday and the shipyard’s 14th anniversary. Further, Conrad Shipyard is happy to announce, that the C133 is the first step to develop a line of semi-custom luxury yachts to meet market demands for lower lead times.