Global SafeTrack Systems GmbH

ProteGear TenderTracking - for Yachts and Superyachts

ProteGear TenderTrack
The 100 % Global Real-Time Auto-Monitoring System

The only system that works globally & automatically. Real-time monitoring including speed, distance, tracking history, and dynamic roaming geofences keeps all tenders in control close to the main ship.

100% global at one rate.
No black out zones or fringe areas worldwide.
Track your vessels wherever they are.

Real-Time Monitoring with Auto-Notifications
via App, SMS, Email, API and Rescue Navigation
for one or many vessels at one glance. Replay included.
Inbound & Outbound API to connect to your systems.

Roaming Dynamic Geofences
move and center automatically around your main vessel.
ProteGear Roaming Geofences keeps track of your main ship;
so you dont need to adapt any geofences while you are moving

Automatic Safety: Dead-man switch with 3 levels of
alarm & warnings and manual SOS calls: DEADMAN, HALT, ZONE, CRASH, PAUSE, REST, HEIGHT. Anchor alarm, Route-control, roaming Geofences and much more.

Fast & Accurate Rescue Navigation
Find everyone even in difficult situations.
Reduces rescue response times by 90%.

Global 2-way communication (Email & SMS)
Each ship has its unique email-address,
usable also with any iOS or Android phone or tablet.
Including auto-localized marine weather forecast.