YACHTLITE c/o Stefan Wienecke GmbH

Visioneering by YACHTLITE – Visions become Reality

Since 2002 YACHTLITE is synonymous with perfect LED lighting. In addition to highest quality standards for lettering and logos, YACHTLITE provides optimal solutions for the unprecedented. Whether for mega yacht or tender - even the smallest request will be elaborately transformed into light. Planning and installation of an illuminated stern lettering on a difficult position for the shipyard? No problem - everything is possible, if you ask YACHLITE. For example, the lettering SeaRock (photo) was realized exactly per customer specifications - with a special construction suspended “free-floating” in front of a glass panel. After the vision comes the design and, after successful feasibility research, the product becomes reality with tailor-made lighting controls and installation options.  The result is spectacular illuminated pool and dance floors, helicopter decks and stairs, illuminated designer furniture and handrails or video steps. Whatever your heart desires. Over 35% of the world’s top 100 super yachts are equipped with YACHTLITE Creative Light Features.