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Catamaran on its way to Abu Dhabi

May 26, 2014 -

„Windcat 101“ is
now on its way to Oman. The
catamaran was loaded this
weekend in Antwerp onto the
"Rickmers Chittagong“. Global
Boat Shipping (GBS) arranges the
transport of the 115 tons vessel to
the Persian Gulf.
During the last three years the cat
transported workers to and from
the east coast of England to wind farm construction sites in the North Sea. In
future „Windcat 101“ (Length 28 meter, 9,6 meters beam) will be used as a
work boat off the coast of Abu Dhabi. "As experts in worldwide yacht
transport Global Boat Shipping is the ideal partner for transports of this
kind“, Manfred Müller, CEO of GBS, says.
„With our extensive practical experience in Lift on/Lift off transports of
yachts world wide we are able to offer our clients a tailor made solution as
we have proved in this case. We provide a complete package including
stowage planning and the supervision of loading und discharging by our
own staff,“ adds Christian van Hoorn, Managing Director of GBS.
GBS with offices in Leer, Hamburg, Genoa, Ft. Lauderdale and Vancouver is
active in world wide yacht transport. The company has recently joined forces
with BBC Chartering.This gives GBS access to the fleet of one of the leading
multi purpose shipping companies thus allowing GBS to offer fixed sailing
schedules to and from the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Middle and the
Far East.