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Jobe releases the 2015 SUP guide

Jobe recently released their new guides for 2015 and so as well the Jobe 2015 SUP guide. Discover stand up paddle boarding in 2015 with Jobe. Spending time on the water has never been this easy and it’s available for everyone, everywhere!

Read all about Jobe’s extended SUP lineup ranging from a bamboo wave SUP to the aero yoga SUP. A selection of bamboo and inflatable boards that are made out of lightweight and ultra-durable materials is presented in a stunning guide. Find the perfect board that suits you best and choose between a combination of manoeuvrability, stability and speed. To accommodate a wide range of SUP accessories is offered. Have a blast on your bodyboard or stay closer to shore and take out our skimboard. To complete the look see what new footwear, vests, wetsuits and apparel has been released. If your riding is sensational, you may as well look stunning!

It’s all possible with Jobe’s SUP collection of 2015. Hop on that board and start discovering!