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New MOB-System MOBOS®

MOBOS-Beacon in application - positioned on highest top of PFD!

HELP YOURSELF: With the aid of MOBOS® – novel MOB-System

Speedy rescue thanks to precise GPS positioning – independent and free of charge.

Huge relief of international emergency systems!

Düsseldorf – Things are in a state of flux, thanks to a new Man-Over-Board-System which will be launched at the trade show „boot 2014“: MOBOS®, Man-Over-Board-Operating-System. It is a GPS supported rescue system which makes possible a speedy and precise positioning of the casualty; it’s not a homing system, no bearing is required but an accurate GPS positioning informs the skipper precisely where the person in need is located.
The specific feature of this system is its independency: It neither needs support of external rescue institutions such as Coast Guards and Marine Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC).
Furthermore it does not need support of external technologies like Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS), marine radio or AIS.
MOBOS® consists of two units, both are GPS supported: a receiver aboard the boat and the beacons carried by the crew member. The Die MOBOS®-Beacons are very compact and can be easily embedded into any automatic lifejacket and even fits into SOLAS lifejackets. Alternatively it can be attached with a pouch to any foam lifejacket. Optionally the beacon is available with manual switch (foam lifejackets) or with automatic switch which will be activated by the self-inflation of the lifejacket. The 160 gram ultra-light MOBOS®-Beacon (incl. batteries) does not constrict and does not restrict movement on board.

Direct alarm to the crew – without additional technology and external support
Immediately after the MOBOS®-Beacon is activated it relays its first alert directly to the boat. Thus the crew is immediately informed about the case of emergency although the beacon has not determined its GPS position yet. Then it automatically begins to ascertain its GPS data which also will be transmitted directly to the MOBOS®-Receiver onboard. Using its own GPS position and the received from the MOBOS®-Beacon the MOBOS®-Receiver then evaluates the precise distance and bearing to the person in need. This life-saving information is displayed as an easily understandable graph on the MOBOS®-Receiver screen to initiate a speedy and self-dependent rescue operation.

Rescue on one’s own responsibility – license free and free of charge – from any boat
MOBOS® is not only independent from external support but also from any kind of boat: Due to the Receiver’s handy and comfortable splash water proofed case an application even in dinghies and inflatable vessels is feasible.
Another particular feature is its license free and free of charge radio frequency which transmits the data of the MOBOS®-Beacon to the MOBOS®-Receiver.
This is the reason why MOBOS®-System is a tremendously relieves the international emergency system such as 406 MHz (Cospas/Sarsat) because no SAR/MRCC is alarmed.

Ten years experiences
The system is brand-new. And for the boating and yachting industries the manufacturer Seareq e.K. seems also to be new. This is due to the fact that Seareq, managed by its owner and graduated engineer Karl Hansmann, was focused on scuba diving business in the last ten years. But here the brand is well-known as specialist for safety equipment: the product range contains from a little SOLAS reflector up to “ENOS®”, an electronic rescue and locating system.
ENOS® provides a speedy and self-dependent rescue operation for divers who were swept away by currents. Worldwide it’s in application at diving centers since 2006. Hence no diving boat equipped with ENOS®-System had to take a search operation for missed divers in these times because the crews always precisely knew where the lost divers were located. No wonder that everybody of Seareq is proud of this result.

During the development of MOBOS® Hansmann benefitted from his long-term experiences and knowledge he got from ENOS®-System, which he also has invented. He could use many topics which are approved by numerous applications worldwide and which are also relevant for boaters: particularly the inside placed GPS and radio receiving antennas protected of the beacon’s robust housing. Thereby a damage of the antennas is unlikely – the most sensitive part of a rescue transmitter.
A further advantage basing on Hansmann’s knowhow regarding rescue operations at sea is the direct and immediate alarm to the crew. Not to speak about the two options of the MOBOS®-Receiver which are offered to the skipper, portable or permanently installed in the captain’s bridge.

Life-saving and affordable
MOBOS® is the first rescue system for boaters providing multiple benefits in one system and making the device worldwide unique: It combines GPS and radio frequency, it is license free and free of charge, high-technology is packed in a comfortable handy case with small measurements which are the reasons why the system can be quickly carried into another boat.
In case of several crew members fall over board caused by heavy sea and multiple alerts are relayed to the boat the MOBOS®-Receiver then is able to receive, to evaluate and to display all alerts simultaneously.
And what’s about the price? Here also the system has an outstanding character because the retail price of the MOBOS®-Receiver is approx. EUR 1448 and the MOBOS®-Beacon costs approx. EUR 578. It is possible to combine any number of beacons with one receiver. Depending on the individual requirements of the skipper and his boat it’s possible to combine as much MOBOS®-Beacons as needed to the MOBOS®-Receiver.