Seijsener Marina Services

Seijsener's Harbour In system in the new Amsterdam Marina

The Dutch Hiswa Boat Show has moved to Amsterdam. The new Amsterdam Marina was equipped by Seijsener Marina Services. Not for hosting yachts only, but also for hosting big maritime events like Hiswa. In favor of this combined use, Seijsener realized some unique technical features, in a remarkably short time.

The 350 berths alongside 1500 meters of pontoon length are virtually invisibly equipped with connections for electricity and water. All connections are neatly tucked away under stainless steel shutters, so the numerous Hiswa audiences don’t need to worry about where to put their feet. The pontoon is free of obstacles. This system, called Harbour In, was developed and built by the Seijsener team.

Another unique feature of Amsterdam Marina is the power capacity. The 240 mm2 thick cables provide electricity for both the luxury mega yachts and the show stands, all at once.

New for marinas is the fire brigade dry conduit which is installed under the pontoons. In cases of emergency, e.g. a fire on a large yacht in one of the berths, the fire brigade can quickly connect their fire hose on the pontoon and start extinguishing right away.

Amsterdam Marina will be in the center of attention of water sports enthusiasts, this year and probably the years to come. The HISWA association wants to concentrate their activities both on water and on land around this unique location, nearby the Amsterdam town center and with an appealing shipbuilding history.

Seijsener considers this sophisticated marina, achieved in just three months, as a good sample of their advanced knowhow.