Deep Blue Diving College Aldo Baffigi

Via Provinciale 30, 58012 Isola del Giglio

Telefon +39 0564 804190
Fax +39 0564 804016



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The Deep Blue Diving College puts at the disposal of its guests the usual services of recharging tanks, equipment rentals, boat excursions,etc; PLUS a covered area of 20 square meters for the storage of personal gear. Inside the area can be found hangers for wet suits, BCD's, and regulators plus the necessary space for the storage of fins, masks, weights, underwater lights, etc. In another area can be found the showers - closed and covered - the tank recharger and the quipment rinsing station. The other areas include a workshop - for the small repairs that always crop up; the office; the learning center - a multi-use space; and the center's own equipment storage area. Such a logistic array puts an end to the problem of gear transport and storage; as such can now be stored at the center for thr entire period of one's vacation or weekend. Also eliminated is the problem of changing at home and walking in the heat of the day dressed in one's suit. Thus it is sufficient to arrive at the center normally dressed, to change into one's suit which has been previously rinsed and left hanging to dry, to make one's dive, return to the center, rinse the gear, take a shower, change, and hang the gear to dry ready for the next dive. For those wishing to show slides, hold seminars, take classes and obtain a Diver's Passport there is available a 42 square meter learning center seating 40 persons at one's disposal with all the material that one would need including a slide and overhead projector. In the patio area there is a very large grill and wooden picnic tables - always at one's disposal. For the photo enthusiast a big surprise! The Diving College has a small photo lab for on the spot developing of color slides which can then be immediately shown on the projector in the learning center.


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