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Produktkategorie: Sportboote/Runabouts, Angelboote

Buster XL Pro

For work and play on the water

The XLPro is a sturdy boat for demanding fun & work

The new Buster XL Pro is the choice of the discerning boat owner. As robust and unsinkable it is well suited for professional use in demanding conditions. With the versatile options and accessories You can equip the XL Pro according to Your needs, be they professional or related to serious fishing. 

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Produktkategorie: Sportboote/Runabouts, Angelboote

Buster Phantom

The Biggest, Toughest Buster Ever

Now for Something Completely Different

The Buster Phantom with it´s imperial 32 feet / 9.5metre LOA, 700hp twin Yamaha outboards, 16 roaring cylinders, and 400nM range redefines the premium civilian aluminium open boat segment. Driving the Buster Phantom with wide open throttle is like flying without wings. However, the effects of gravity and wave action are counterbalanced through the silky smooth ride of the deep V hull and suspension seats with proper grab handles for up to five passengers. Did we mention that the new Buster Phantom is also blisteringly quick? And despite it´s speed potential and power, amazingly quiet due to extensive sound insulation beneath the floors. Options abound, and the huge U sofa aft combined with the cockpit table and two swiveling fixed seats also allow for socializing with friends and family.

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Produktkategorie: Sportboote/Runabouts, Angelboote

Buster Cabin E

Commuting boat with overnighting option

The Cabin gets you there comfortably all year round in all weathers.

The Buster Cabin is the right choice for you, if the boat fullfills more functions than just transportation and utility. The boat is designed for those who journey far and during adverse conditions, spending longer times onbard than the typical cottage commute. The spacious interior carries up to eight, and temporary overnight accomodations are available for two. 

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Produktkategorie: Sportboote/Runabouts, Angelboote

Buster M2

A novelty with multiple personalities

The 2015 model year brand new Buster M is the little big novelty of the season. We have further improved driveability, seaworthiness, versatility and comfort onboard. The New M is perfect for the summer cottage and for calm fishing trips.

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Produktkategorie: Sportboote/Runabouts, Angelboote

Buster Mini

A Buster even for the young ones

Buster Mini – engine and oars alike.

The Buster Mini is a full aluminium family boat, that can be rowed or driven by outboard engine. Depending on your choice, you can equip it with electrical or combustion engine or alternatively oars. As it only weighs 100 kg, it can easily be handled ashore. Winter haulout is a breeze as you can turn it upside down and leave it for the dark, cold season. Being unsinkable it is a safe choice for the less experienced.

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Über uns


Buster - a carefree choice

The most popular motorboat in the Nordic countries, Buster offers an extensive range of the best options for versatile recreational boating and demanding work. Buster quality is guaranteed by AHT – Aluminium Hull Technology by Buster.

Step into the world of Buster boats and create your own adventure!

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