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Introductory courses


This course is addressed to anybody who simply wants to observe sea life from the surface using snorkeling equipment. Course plan: 3 hours of theory and 3 hours of practice. Lessons are based on knowledge of equipment, correct swimming and simple notions of marine life.

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Basic courses


This course enables to dive up to 18 metres with a buddy of same certification at least. The diving conditions must be the same as for training. In different surroundings he must be accompanied by an instructor or divemaster as long as he gets experience.
Minimum age 15 years old; 12 years old for Junior Diver certification, that must be converted into Open Water Diver certification at 15 year age after an open water exam. Course plan: minimum 6 theory lessons and 6 confined water lessons, after a minimum of 4 open water dives between 5 and 18 metres are required.

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IDEA instructor course

The Idea Instructor course is planned in 3 modules. The first one consists in standards and procedures, theory and practice lesson planning of introductory courses, basic course and 1 star course. In the end the Instructor Trainer makes a preliminary check of students about practise, namely water exercises, rescue activity, first aid and CPR manouvres and theory, namely IDEA course test and theory lesson test. After positive evaluation the student is admitted to the final exam. If this is passed then the candidate is qualified OWD Instructor and can release certificates of the courses seen in this module and apply to be qualified for basic level specialities. The second module consists in the study of Advanced OWD, 2 Stars and Deep Diver courses and requires at lasts 10 hours of training. The qualification is Advanced Instructor, that allows to teach the courses Advanced OWD, 2 Stars, Deep Diver and apply for all IDEA specialities. In the third module the Instructor Trainer will explain how to teach the courses Rescue Diver, Divemaster and Assistant Instructor; the qualification obtained is Scuba Instructor, that allows to teach all IDEA student courses.
Admission prerequsites: OWD certificate at least since 1 year, Rescue Diver certificate or similar, Deep Diver certificate or similar, First Aid, CPR and Oxygen Provider for scuba emergencies not more than two years, Divemaster certificate at least since 6 months of RSTC agency, or Assistant Instructor also less than 6 months, at least 100 dives logged with 80 hours of scuba experience. A Divemaster or Assistant Instructor from a no RSTC agency or training organizations recognised by IDEA must pass an admission tests, then he will get the IDEA Assistant Instructor certificate and will be admitted in the instructor course.

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Über uns



The International Diving Educators Association (IDEA) was originally established in 1952 as part of the FSDA (Florida Skin Divers Association), and later changed to the Florida Scuba Divers Association. FSDA was a large group of very active Florida dive clubs and has been the voice of the diver since 1952. IDEA is proud of its past affiliation with FSDA. In Europe the first headquarters was established in 1992 in Italy, with name IDEA Italy, thanks to the efforts of President Gaetano Occhiuzzi, which purchases the rights to use the brand and the educational system. From the beginning of 1995 the Italian headquarters became the European headquarters and IDEA Europe was born, with regional offices in several countries of Europe and instructors also outside Europe. Click here to read more.
Attending an IDEA Europe diving course you will be trained by professional instructors, whose aim will be to make you a perfect diver, regardless of the time required. You will study on books of high level, in digital or on paper, based on our environment and on our way to dive. At the end of the course you will attain a certification of international value, issued by a training agency that signed several cooperation agreements, which has won many awards at national and international level and that is part of the largest worldwide confederation (WRSTC ) and European confederation (RSTC Europe ). The members of these structures have common educational standards and recognize each other in the world. Moreover the training system of IDEA Europe was certified conform to the ISO quality standards for recreational scuba training services.

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