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Alfred-Nobel-Str. 2-14, 50226 Frechen


boot 2019 Hallenplan (Halle 3): Stand G32


boot 2019 Geländeplan: Halle 3

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Tauchanzüge / -jackets

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  • 08.01  Tauch-Ausrüstung
  • 08.01.07  Tauchsport-Mode und -Accessoires

Tauchsport-Mode und -Accessoires

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Produktkategorie: Tauchanzüge / -jackets, Tauchsport-Mode und -Accessoires

Cosmic ’19

The easiest high-performance camber sail on the market will surprise you with pure power, speed and fun!

Freeride sailors and free racers looking for speed and power that´s easy to handle and control.

Unleashing the Cosmic’s performance has never been so easy, as with the 2019 collection. Designed to enable freeriders the inimitable feeling of high top speeds and lay-down jibes, the Cosmic is the perfect combination of power and handling. It feels incredibly light in your hands and will motivate you to go faster than ever.

This year’s Cosmic features a wider mast sleeve, a higher aspect ratio in the bigger sizes and,just like the Matrix, the new angled parallel batten concept and the New Cross Batten, which, combined with a slightly reduced Posi Leech, helped us to increase the top-end performance. With the New Cross Batten geometry, we’ve been able to maintain the power generating volume under the boom, while the angled battens push the profile lower down in the sail foot to achieve a lower center of gravity. For 2019 we added one batten to the 6.7 and 6.2 to increase its stability.

Experience how easy speed and performance can be with the Cosmic 2019 and enjoy its effortless rigging and handling.

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Produktkategorie: Tauchanzüge / -jackets, Tauchsport-Mode und -Accessoires

SPARK 2019


No matter, if you want to go big, take your gear into waves or enjoy a mellow freeride session, the Spark won’t be the limiting factor.
Both pros and beginners enjoy the lower bar- and steering pressure and the inimitably stable flying characteristics that make the Spark the go to kite for even our top team riders in less than ideal conditions. You can handle the enhanced performance with no more than your fingertips and focus on your kiting and not the kite itself. A very sporty handling will make you embrace the kite’s reactions rather than fighting them, which results in fast turning abilities, better upwind performance and most importantly fun.
We redesigned the outline in the leading edge area and shortened the center cord, leaving the AR as it is, in order to increase the overall performance of the Spark and obtain it one of the most appreciated kites on the market.

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Produktkategorie: Tauchanzüge / -jackets, Tauchsport-Mode und -Accessoires

Barsystem X5

With the Bar System X5, you’ll be able to hold our lightest bar ever in your hands! We developed tons of new features to offer you maximum performance and safety on the water. With no more than 23mm diameter this is the thinnest bar on the market, providing direct feedback and perfect grip.
All Kites from the GA range can be equipped with the Bar System X5 by adjusting the stearing lines to the bar. Our biggest safety feature is the all-new QR, fulfilling French safety norms! Pull the QR in any critical situation to fully flag out the kite.
The Shift Adjuster offers very precise powering and additionally provides the comfort to set the distance of the adjuster according to the length of your arms.
There will be no more tangling of the adjuster line, thanks to the Rope Clamp. Get the most direct and fastest kite setup by using the 21m lines, or experience more power and higher jumps with the 24m line-setup. One bar does it all!
The BAR SYSTEM X5 offers maximum comfort on one-handed tricks by using a new metal center and a thin depower line. This bar sets a new standard in performance, design, comfort and safety.

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Über uns


Die New Sports GmbH mit Sitz in Frechen bei Köln ist eines der führenden Handelsunternehmen in der Windsurf- / Funsport Branche in Europa.
Die New Sports GmbH vertreibt und vermarktet GA Gaastra Sails und Kites, Tabou Boards und Vandal Sails und iSUPs weltweit.
Von dem über 2400qm großen Zentrallager in Frechen werden Kunden in über 75 Ländern mit Windsurfboards, Segels, Masten, Kites, Stand Up Paddelboards und innovativem Zubehör beliefert.
Langjährige Handelspartnerschaften mit den führenden Fachhändlern und Distributoren garantieren die ausgezeichnete Marktpräsenz der vertriebenen Produkte.
Die Hauptabsatzmärkte der New Sports GmbH sind in Europa, speziell Deutschland, Frankreich, Niederlanden und Großbritannien. Der täglichen Herausforderung allen Kunden immer die passenden Produkte, Lösungen und Konzepte zu bieten, stellt sich ein junges und hoch motiviertes Team..

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