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Produktkategorie: Atemgeräte / Kompressoren

Super Silent EVO

The SUPER SILENT EVO model stands out for its high level of quietness. It was designed by Coltri to meet specific needs such as ease of use, soundproofing and control systems that allow the effective monitoring of compressor operations. The standard equipment includes: two connections for high pressure hoses (from 232 to 330 bar), interstage pressure gauges, oil level and internal cab temperature control, rotation detector, three-phase electric motor, automatic condensate drain and autostop. It is available with the new pumping units MCH 13, MCH 16 and MCH 18, depending on the specific model.

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Produktkategorie: Atemgeräte / Kompressoren


The reinforced and more enveloping frame makes the COMPACT range of compressors very popular in the naval sector. All equipped with the MCH 6 popular pumping unit, they are available with petrol or electric engines, both three-phase and single-phase. The equipment includes a filling connection for flexible tube with operating pressure from 232 to 300 bar. The pressure holding valve, the automatic condensate drain and the autostop are available as an option. The frames are also available in stainless steel.

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Produktkategorie: Atemgeräte / Kompressoren

LP 600 Rotary - Line: Nitrox

At the top of the Nitrox line, the LP600 ROTARY system consists of an industrial screw compressor that delivers air at a pressure of 8 bar to a membrane that separates nitrogen and oxygen at atmospheric pressure until Nitrox 40% O2 is obtained and can be compressed at a pressure of 232 bar in combination with a high pressure compressor. The percentage of oxygen obtained at the outlet can be regulated from 22.4% to 40% using a valve directly accessible on top of the compressor. Exclusive to the the Heavy Duty line compressors.

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Über uns


Carlo and Giuseppe Coltri started manufacturing compressors in the late 1960s. Today, Aerotecnica Coltri Spa is one of the most important companies worldwide in the design and construction of high-pressure compressors for pure breathing air and technical gases.

We started with high-pressure compressors to refill diving cylinders, as used in recreational and military applications. Eventually, we added fire-fighting compressors for ground use, along with industrial gas compressors for nitrogen, argon, helium and Nitrox mixtures for diving equipment, with a maximum oxygen content of 40%.

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