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With the EXPLORER NST, SCUBA FORCE presents a unique dry suit which is produced in a completely new method.

After more than three years of developmental work and in cooperation with a high-tech machinery company from Germany, we are now very proud to introduce the SCUBA FORCE NO STITCH TECHNOLOGY drysuit.

With this NST process, the main seams of the drysuit are welded with an ultrasonic welding machine and remain WATERPROOF. In contrast to conventional production with sewing machines, the material is not “perforated”, but connected without damage to each other! By utilizing this welding process, no water can seep into the suit.

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Produktkategorie: Tauchanzüge / -jackets


In cooperation with our material supplier, Fothergill Polycom, we have developed a dry suit that sets new standards.

Fothergill’s newest, innovative TYGATEX® material combines two of the most important factors for a dry suit: agility and durability. The ripstop nylon with a polyester feel meets all important requirements for drysuits. Easy dressing, wonderful texture, and excellent movement.   

Additionally, the manufacturing and assembly process of the XPEDTION sets new standards. Most importantly, the new SCUBA FORCE Double Seal Technology. In a process which was developed by SCUBA FORCE, all seams are double sealed. Based on our decades of experience with Aquasure sealed seams, we are additionally combining this proven technology with an extra machine-coated tape. This specialized seam tape is manufactured by a German company that typically provides products to the automotive industry. Flexibility and abrasion resistance are the main factors here.

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Unique Boot Selection

Select between two different styles at no additional charge. Choose between Dry Boots or Slim Line Boots, depending on the application or individual preference.
The size of your boot can be customized for the perfect fit.

Dry Boots are available in sizes from 38-50 (European); 5/6-13/14 (International)
Slim Line Boots are available in sizes from 2XS-4XL

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Über uns


SCUBA FORCE was founded and is owned by two highly experienced well-known European technical divers.

Tom Jaspers began his diving carrier in the mid-seventies. Today he has over 40 years of diving experience and holds Instructor Trainer ratings for all major technical training agencies (TDI, IANTD, ANDI).Tom´s passion is cave diving and he is one of the pioneers in cave exploration using sidemount CCR. Over the decade’s Tom has had some spectacular cave explorations, one of the best which he likes to mention is a 2-kilometer cave penetration dive in the St. Sauveur in France and a depth of 190 meters. 

Horst Dederichs began his diving carrier in the early nineties and has over 29 years of diving experience. His deepest dive is 145 meter and with two decades of wreck expeditions leadership, Horst is one of the advanced technical divers in his field. Horst has written many different books on technical, wreck diving and wrote the TDI training material in German. Diving the wreck “RMS Lusitania” was one of his top diving experiences.
Nearly all of our diving expeditions were documented by German television. Some of which can still be seen today via youtube. (see links in the video section)

Such deep wreck or cave exploration needs specialized equipment which at that time was not on the market. 

In 2003 we founded the company behind SCUBA FORCE. In the early years we focused on the German speaking markets, today our distribution network is worldwide.