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boot 2020 Hallenplan (Halle 11): Stand C18


boot 2020 Geländeplan: Halle 11

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  • 03  Ausrüstung und Zubehör für Boote und Yachten
  • 03.13  Dekoration / Accessoires
  • 03.13.01  maritime Dekoration
  • 03  Ausrüstung und Zubehör für Boote und Yachten
  • 03.13  Dekoration / Accessoires
  • 03.13.03  Poster / Plakate

Poster / Plakate

  • 03  Ausrüstung und Zubehör für Boote und Yachten
  • 03.13  Dekoration / Accessoires
  • 03.13.04  Nautische Geschenkartikel

Nautische Geschenkartikel

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Produktkategorie: maritime Dekoration

Rudder Blue #1 (small)

Multilayered rudder is a unique and attractive decoration that suits living rooms of sailing enthusiasts as well as kids rooms. The intensive and lively colour will create a sould and style in your home.

Material: plywood + acrylic paints

Diameter: 50 cm, thickness: 3 cm

Due to monitor differences, actual colours may vary slightly from what appears online.

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Produktkategorie: maritime Dekoration

Square Mandala Beige #1

Mandala can symbolize a person in the middle of Universe, the soul in human body or the perfect balance of harmony and chaos. This is one of the most fascinating symbols in ancient culture.

The Square Mandala is a product that is designed to fascinate with its size, colours and – first of all – details.

Made with layered plywood (9 layers) painted with acrylic paints.

Size: 70 x 70 x 2 cm

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Produktkategorie: maritime Dekoration

Steel World

Our Steel World map is a proof that the popularity of upcykling is not only fashion and it has also a good reason to being on top! Reusing old denim and rusty steel, you can create a remarkable and unique decoration.

Our map is hand painted and hand polished in our workshop in Gdańsk.  The frame is an integral part of a map.

Size: 101 x 66 x 2.5

The map will make your room look stylish and give you industrial vibes. Must have for upcykling fans!

Due to the uniqueness of each semi-products (denim and steel) we use, the actual product may slightly differ from the photos in our gallery.

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Produktkategorie: maritime Dekoration

Whale Lamp #2

The Whale Lamp is an exceptional product that makes you feel the magic.

Based on original idea of our designer and made from plywood. The lamp can stand on your table or hang in a kids room.

During the process of designing, we paid a lot attention to your creative feelings and imagination we wanted to stimulate. That is why you will not find a finished, painted product in a delivery box. You must wake up the Artist and DO IT YOURSELF. Follow the instruction below. It’s very easy: no glue, no scissors.

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Produktkategorie: maritime Dekoration, Poster / Plakate

World (big)

Did you know … about 2,000 new species of marine organisms are discovered each year!

Wooden, three-dimensional world is beautiful in every way: detail, precision and depth. Map give character to every office. Map hand polished, painted and glued in Gdansk. 100% Polish wooden plywood product. Has a hanging hole.

Dimensions: width: 155 cm / height: 100 cm / thickness 3 cm

Map available on request, approximate delivery time: 6-8 weeks. Dedication or other engraving – on request.

Available in two languages – English and Polish.

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Avocado Pracownia Tworcza is a place where all creative visions, crazy ideas and designers’ dreams come true. Our Products are the result of many hours of designing, prototyping and experimenting with materials and techniques in a workshop.