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FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH

Fujistr. 1, 47533 Kleve
Telefon +49 2821 7115200
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Produktkategorie: Ferngläser / Nachtsichtgeräte

NEW * FUJINON Techno-Stabi TS-X1440

Featuring 14x magnification and the world's most powerful image stabilization system, the new FUJINON Techno Stabi TS-X 1440 is the flagship product of the Techno Stabi binocular series.

The TS-X 1440 is the new top model in the FUJINON Techno Stabi binocular series and offers outstanding optical performance with 14x magnification and the most powerful image stabilization (±6°) for this segment worldwide. The bright, clear and stabilized image provided by these binoculars makes them perfectly suited for outdoor wildlife and astronomical observation.

The TS-X 1440 is a high-performance binocular with 14x magnification and an extremely powerful image stabilization. The superb image stabilization is achieved thanks to the application of proven and tested FUJIFILM camera lens technologies. The oscillations mregistered by a gyro sensor are compensated for by a precisely controlled prism in the optical beam path so that a high image stabilization of ±6° is reached. In addition, the large lens elements, with an effective diameter of 40 mm, contribute to the extraordinary speed of the binoculars, while FUJIFILM's unique EBC multiple coating reduces annoying lens reflections and ghosting. This coating also reduces chromatic aberration while increasing the transmission rate, resulting in an exceptionally clear and bright image. Finally, the modern and ergonomic design of the FUJINON TS-X 1440 has been combined with a water-repellent construction to ensure that even when used on a boat or a vehicle, the binoculars are always safe to handle and work quickly, precisely and reliably every time.

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Produktkategorie: Ferngläser / Nachtsichtgeräte

FUJINON Techno-Stabi

The TECHNO-STABI® COMPACT BINOCULARS are high powered and stabilized, which offers unique performance when used from moving vehicles, vessels at sea or stationary. The compact, lightweight and ergonomic design is ideal for nature watching, sports, concerts and astronomical use where the user may want to utilize a higher magnification (12x & 16x) without a tripod. These image stabilizing binoculars lock in on the subject to create a stabilized field of vision at high magnification. The Techno-Stabi binoculars uses Optical Stabilized technologies to minimize the synergistic vibration that typically occurs just from holding the unit. The multi-coated optics allow for exceptional light transmission, which is great for low-light performance. Given the unit’s high stabilization, the user will get a stable image of virtually anything with the TECHNO STABI® 12X28 & 16x28.


  • The multi- coated prisms give a sharp, high contrast image.
  • Auto off functions automatically switch power off after 10 minutes, reducing unnecessary power consumption.
  • The TS 12X28 can run for up to 12 hours. Under extreme cold conditions, operating times can differ.
  • Equipped with a vibration canceler, the Techno- Stabi constantly delivers a stable field of view by correcting for hand movement over the entire magnification range.
  • The vibration correction range is ±3°, allowing effective use on land, sea or air.
  • Lightweight, compact and ergonomic, comfortable for the user, making these binoculars ideal for long observations.
  • The body structure is designed to protect the optics and prevent dirt or dust from adhering to the optical elements.
  • The precise center focus wheel, makes it possible to bring details into sharp focus with just the movement of the finger.
  • Twisting eyecups are easy to use and offer comfort for the user.
  • Made of fiberglass-reinforced, high durability plastic.
  • The comfortable neck strap makes for easy transportation.

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Produktkategorie: Ferngläser / Nachtsichtgeräte


The FUJINON FMT Series offers five models and are the pinnacle of performance with a reputation of providing outstanding optics at a reasonable cost. FUJINON FMT Series binoculars offer superb optical performance and value. The FUJINON FMT Series binoculars deploy FUJINON'S unique EBC coating, allowing 95% light transmission. With our field flattener lens, we offer edge-to-edge sharpness, free of any discernible astigmatism or distortion.


  • FUJINON’S unique EBC coating allows 95% of light to pass through the binocular great for low-light performance.
  • Field flattener lens provides sharp images from edge-to-edge, with no distortion.
  • Designed with waterproof and fog proof seals (Nitrogen Purged). O ring sealed.
  • Rubber armoured body allows user to have a firm grip, even with one hand.
  • Long eye relief (23mm) is great for those who wear glasses (7x50 & 10x70 models only).
  • 7x50 FMTRC-SX model is equipped with a compass.
  • Shock and impact resistant body construction

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Produktkategorie: Ferngläser / Nachtsichtgeräte

FUJINON Mariner Series

The Mariner series  (7x50WPC-XL, 7x50WP-XL) offers two models that are entry level yet high performance binoculars that offer bright, fully coated lenses. They are available in 7X50 with and without a compass and have extra-long eye relief, particularly good for eyeglass wearers. The Compass model features an LED to enable seeing the compass even in darkness.


  • Fully multi-coated optics ensures maximum light transmission
  • Cost effective to fit any budget.
  • Designed with waterproof seals (Nitrogen Purged) – O ring sealed. They float when used with provided floatation strap.
  • Both models offer long eye relief (18mm) and provide non-vignetting images. Great for people who wear eyeglasses.
  •  Polycarbonate housing makes it lightweight 
  • Compass is equipped with an LED light, which allows you to see the compass even under low light conditions

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Produktkategorie: Ferngläser / Nachtsichtgeräte

FUJINON LB 150 series

The giant binoculars of the LB 150 series from Fujinon are the first choice for all who wish to conquer extreme distances. Applicable vor border surveillance coast guard, Navy as well as astronomy application.


  • Maximum image brightness due to 150 mm aperture and Electron Beam Coated optics
  • Optimized baffles for increased contrast
  • Excellent visibility at dusk and at night
  • Rigid construction: housing completely waterproof, weatherproof and corrosion-resistant
  • Three-dimensional viewing impression due to interobjective spacing
  • Up to 40 x magnification for high resolution at long distances
  • Optional mount and tripod available
  • Also available with 45° inclined viewing for more comfortable observation (EM version only)

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Über uns


About FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH

FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH is responsible at its Kleve location for the sales, marketing and servicing of professional FUJINON lenses for TV and film productions, CCTV and Machine Vision as well as FUJINON Binoculars.

FUJINON binoculars are known throughout the world and are very much appreciated by users in professional and semi-professional areas. The reliable stabilization system as well as the crystal-clear image view makes them indispensable companion on board.

For many years, FUJINON has been creating award-winning lenses. It develops and produces innovative, cutting-edge solutions for almost every application in the entertainment industry, security systems and industrial image processing.

The professional lenses for TV and film productions redefine the limits of high resolution, high contrast ratio and high dynamic range. They create the pin-sharp TV pictures and help camera operators film stunning, powerful scenes.

Thanks to the Megapixel-Zoom and Megapixel-Varifocal lenses, CCTV systems are becoming high resolution. The steadily growing portfolio of precise Machine Vision lenses for industrial image processing ensures minimal distortion for highest image quality, even under harsh conditions.

FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH
Fujistraße 1
47533 Kleve
Tel: +49 2821 / 7115 400

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