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Produktkategorie: Beleuchtung / UW-Video / -Fotographie

Olympus TG-6 Black Super Macro Diver Kit

With this TG-6 Super Macro Diver Kit, you can make perfectly illuminated super macro shots, just with the INTERNAL flash! The Ring diffuser that is included in this kit ensures you that subjects can be well exposed with the internal flash at very short distances. The macro mode of the Olympus Tough TG-6 is great. With the ring flash diffuser you can avoid that the lens port of the PT-059 housing blocks parts of the flash light which may create dark shadows

Special Super Macro Diver KIT version - a MUST HAVE for every macro enthusiast.
The macro possibilities of the Olympus TG-6 are amazing but the internal flash of the TG-6 alone is not enough to ensure that your super macro photos are well exposed. A large part of the flash light is blocked by the housing. The special Ring Flash that comes with this kit ensures that the light of the internal flash is much better distributed and therefore ensures a much better and even exposure of your subjects on (very) short distances. The difference is amazing!

The Olympus Tough TG-6 underwater camera is based on the famous Olympus TG-5. This compact camera is still waterproof up to 15 meters. When combined with incuded Olympus PT-059 housing even up to 45 meters.

The macro possibilities of the camera are fantastic! Its outperforming any compact camera on the market! If you're looking for a compact camera for use on land and underwater and if you're into macro-photogrtaphy then the Olympus TG-6 is just perfect!

New (for underwater photographers important) features of the Olympus Tough TG-6 are:
Better LCD display with a higher resolution (1,040k-pixels)
New AR coating (Anti reflection) to reduce reflections
Special underwater mode for the microscope setting
3 new underwater white balance modes
Focus stacking for 3-10 images
12 megapixels
The image sensor used in the TG-6 delivers high-speed performance and superb high-sensitivity. It gives better image quality than before with less noise and improved image detail and delivers natural-looking, high-resolution movies.

Truepic VIII
The Tough TG-6 features the latest TruePicVIII image processor taken from the Olympus Pro flagship system camera OM-D E-M1 Mark II. It’s improved image processing algorithm is even more powerful to deliver higher image resolution in low-contrast areas especially when shooting at low ISO sensitivity.

Maximum ISO 12800
Even better quality with high ISO sensitivity! The image sensor and high-speed image processor reduce noise in your images when using high ISO sensitivity. Maximum ISO sensitivity: ISO12800.

4X zoomlens
Whether for bird’s-eye view shots of scenic vistas at wide-angle settings (35mm equivalent: 25mm) or zoomed-in shots of faraway objects at telephoto settings (35mm equivalent: 100mm) the 4x zoom lens delivers photos that match your intentions.

Raw recording
With the TG-6 you can create the ideal image in post-production. Even when you’re out and about, you can edit images in-camera. Save your images in the RAW format and use the included Olympus Viewer 3 software to finetune parameters such as exposure, contrast, white balance and colour balance.

4K video
Making great moves look amazing means capturing every detail at just the right moment.The Tough TG-6’s cutting-edge image technology makes that easier than ever. It’s high-speed TruePic VIII processor allows you to record in incredible 4K resolution and create full-HD sized, 120fps slow-motion movies.See the dynamism in every single movement or record beautiful scenery in stunningly high definition.

Most important features
12MP BSI CMOS Sensor
TruePic VIII Image Processor
Olympus 4x Optical Zoom f/2 Lens
25-100mm (35mm Equivalent)
3.0" 1,040k-Dot LCD Monitor
Water, Crush, Shock, Freeze & Dustproof
4K Video Recording and Full HD at 120p
Built-In Wi-Fi, GPS, Field Sensor System
ISO 12800 and Up to 20 fps Shooting
Pro Capture Mode & Variable Macro System
Manual white balance
Special underwater modes
Super macro

Olympus PT-059 Under Water housing
The PT‑059 underwater case extends the waterproofness of the TG-6 from 15 meters up to a water 45 meters.
This case is perfect for fascinating underwater photography. With its durable, high quality polycarbonate construction, it protects the camera from water while also cushioning it from knocks and bumps on land. Complete control of photo functions, such as zoom and flash mode, is of course possible. Additionally the PT‑059 features the optical connection to an external underwater flash. Thanks to the screw mount the attachment of underwater converters is also possible for perfect macro and wide underwater pictures.

Waterproof up to 45m depth
Simple handling above and under water
All camera functions can be controlled
Neutral buoyancy under water
Screw mount for converter lenses and filters provided
Standard tripod socket permits attachment of lighting tray
Transparent back to detact water penetration
Multi coating glass to reduce inner reflections
Detachable LCD hood for LCD monitor

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Produktkategorie: Beleuchtung / UW-Video / -Fotographie

Backscatter Mini Blitz 1 & Optical Snoot Combo Package

Compact, but very powerfull underwaterflash / focuslight in combination with the optical snoot to make the most beautiful underwaterphotos and macrophotos. Perfect to use with compactcameras and also the easiest macro strobe for compact, mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

This is already called the best compact underwater flash. Compact, light, easy for travel and easy to mount at the top of your (compact) underwaterhousing. Small in size, big on power !!

The Backscatter Mini Flash has enough juice to light most of the scenes compact cameras are used for. From macro and fish portraits to wide subjects like stingrays, turtles, and reef scenes, it’s a great all around strobe to keep your rig nice and compact, and easy to use.

Plus with the bright LED focus lights built in and optional Optical snoot and color filters for creative lighting, this is a strobe with professional level macro capability you’ll never outgrow.

Depth Rating: 100m/330ft
Guide Number: ƒ16
Lumens: 500 Lumens
Power: Single 18650 Battery
Recycle time (full): 2.5 seconds
Number of Flashes (full): Up to 1400**
Weight in Air: 13.25oz/375g
Weight in Water: 5.29oz/150g
Sync Cord: Fiber Optic
Seal: Dual O-Rings
Exposure Control:
Flash: 6-step Power Level
LED: 3-step Power Level
Dimensions With Ball(LxWxD): 7.36 x 2.31 x 4.06in / 187 x 59 x 104mm
Material: Anodized Machined Aluminium

Included Accessories:
1-inch Ball Mount
YS Mount
Spare O-ring Set
O-ring Grease
Battery and charger are not included.

Backscatter Optical Snoot OS-1
Using a strobe with a snoot was once really difficult. Aiming a snoot took lots of practice. The Mini Flash and Optical Snoot are designed together with the purpose of making shooting with a snoot as easy as possible. With bright LED lights that project the same beam pattern as the flash through the snoot, you can easily see the exact placement of the snoot beam on your subject when framing a shot and know you are hitting your target. Have a critter that doesn’t like a constant light on all the time? Use the short duration modeling flash to check your snoot placement without continuously disturbing a light sensitive critter.

  • Brightest aiming light of any snoot
  • Aperture Cards adjust the size of the light beam
  • Circular & Oval Aperture Cards included
  • Rotate the snoot to adjust the shape of the beam with the Oval Card

Compatible Strobes: Backscatter Mini Flash MF-1
Depth Rating: 300ft/100m
Weight in Air: 9.70oz/275g
Dimensions (LxD): 7.24 x 2.56in / 184 x 65mm
Material: Anodized Machined Aluminium

Included Accessories:
Circular Aperture Card
Oval Aperture Card

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