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ANDI Specialty Courses

What is a specialty? A specialty is usually a short, complementary training program that builds upon the skills you learned in your Open Water Diver training.

ANDI has a huge number of specialties to offer, in almost any area of diving that you can think of. Every diver has their own favorite dive experience so you are sure to find a specialty that you will enjoy.

Night Diving, for example, is a course where you master the skills that you will use when diving in dark locations, during the evening, or at night.  On these dives you will discover sea life that is only active at night and find that the sites you know well during the daytime are transformed into new adventures during the hours of darkness.

Drysuit Diving is a specialty that provides knowledge on the different types of drysuits that are available to divers.  You will practice and learn to dive efficiently and safely with a drysuit. Daily maintenance of the suit is explained for the different types of suits, zippers, valves etc.

What about diving with a Diver Propulsion Vehicle, also known as a “scooter”? You will discover how much fun it is to handle a scooter.  You will learn how to dive safely with it and maintain it properly.

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ANDI Rebreather Diving

ANDI has been involved in rebreather technology from the moment that rebreathers were introduced in the recreational market, and was aware of the advantages right from the beginning.

Because of this, ANDI is able to offer training on most units available in the market, CCR (Completely Closed Rebreather) and SCR (Semi Closed Rebreather).  For those who are not yet familiar with rebreathers we list only a few advantages below:

*      Less weight comparing with technical configuration in open circuit
*      Plenty of gas, the CCR is much, much more efficient then Open Circuit
*      Low cost on diving gas. Extreme savings when diving Trimix
*      No bubbles, so perfect for underwater photography 
*      You are breathing a gas that is warm and humid. (OC is cold and very dry) 
*      You are breathing optimal breathing gas all the way during the dive
*      For extreme deep diving much safer and easier than Open Circuit

        and there is much more...
ANDI rebreather training is solid and comprehensive. ANDI is teaching CCR from the very beginning of the introduction in the recreational diving market and offers CCR training at all levels.

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ANDI Cave Diving

Exploring the secrets of Mother Earth..
For many meanwhile a fascinating experience. Cave diving is one of the advanced levels in sport diving that requires very specific training and equipment. Good cave diver training programs are necessary to cope with this specific environment that is known for its beauty, but also for ist hazards. ANDI offers Cave training at all levels for both Open Circuit and Rebreather divers. Advance from the solid basic ANDI Technical programs to the advanced specialist training programs. Our experienced instructors will guide you in developing the proper skills that you need for your diving adventures. 

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Über uns


ANDI International (ANDI) is one of the world's oldest diver training agencies. ANDI began by specializing in training programs for Enriched Air Nitrox ( SafeAir ) diving. As a natural evolution from SafeAir®, ANDI developed training programs for what has now become known as Technical diving and Closed Circuit Rebreather systems. To meet the demands of our international network of training facilities, in 1999 ANDI introduced a unique methodology for training entry-level divers with the ANDI Open Water Sport Diver program. Since our origin in 1988, ANDI has expanded throughout the world.

ANDI has developed a multifaceted training system with comprehensive programs. These include Openwater Sport Diver, Dive Medic, SafeAir® User courses, Technical and Exploration programs, Rebreather training for SCR and CCR systems, specialty-focused training and a full offering of technician and instructor programs. ANDI’s growth throughout the world is due to ANDI's commitment to quality education, quality training materials, the highest operational standards.