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Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: Videos / Film

Papua Reflections

It’s this world that times forgot you want to understand and be a part of it somehow … but it keeps its mysteries. We are left to reflect on the overwhelming energy of the southern islands of Papua New Guinea.

Above and Below Papua New Guinea is a location promotion project about Papua New Guinea.

Idea, Camera, Edit: Florian Fischer
Client: TCMG

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Produktkategorie: Videos / Film

Dive To Be Alive

‘Diving keeps you alive, and you don’t become a zombie in the mind controlled world in which we live in.’ claims Hayward Coleman, the 70 years old yogi master.

We shot this video as a promotion for the Dive Society Dumaguete – Philippines.

Idea, Camera, Edit: Florian Fischer
Narrator: Hayward Coleman
Client: Dive Society Dumaguete

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Produktkategorie: Videos / Film

The Shark Dronie

We are more than happy that our Project ‘Shark Dronie’ was awarded ‘Most Epic Dronie’ at the NYCDFF 2016.

Special thanks to our partners: Wirodive, Droneparts, B&W International, Hecs Aquatic, Diveworld, GoPro, Ocean Technology Systems.

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Über uns


Our Philosophy
We have a passion for nature. As soon as we are on a trip we feel like little kids playing outside, discovering something new under each stone. With new media at hand and a long builded up expertise in creating appealing media, we use this blog to find a healthy balance in our lives. Even though we are many times sponsored, invited and booked, we always tell our honest thoughts in whatever we publish here.

We want to be part of the global network of creative nature enthusiasts trying to push our own limitations a bit further every time. We intent to be polite, entertaining and transparent in our actions. We believe that by telling our stories we can shine a light on the beauty of nature.