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Whether apnoea diver or scuba diver – visitors at boot Düsseldorf will find everything a diver’s heart desires. Over 200 exhibitors from the sectors of...

·         Diving Gear
·         Services (Diving)

...are waiting for you with loads of inspiration, information, tips and tricks.

When it comes to diving gear, exhibitors offer an all-round carefree package for enjoyable diving – from basic equipment such as fins, masks and snorkels to diving suits, breathing apparatus, dive computers and software, to compressors and rebreathers.

Diving schools, dive shops, tour operators, dive destinations and safari organizers complete the scope of services.

Current developments and trends in diving

Like many other industries, diving is also being impacted by the megatrend of neo-ecology. Sustainability is no longer just a consumer trend, but an economic factor. Having recognized this, exhibitors at boot Düsseldorf have begun presenting sustainable materials, for example greener diver wetsuits with the neoprene replaced by sustainable composites.

In addition to increasing environmental awareness, the growing trend toward experiencing nature up-close has triggered an increasing interest in the oldest and most original form of diving: apnoea or freediving.

Digitalization doesn’t stop at diving either – apps are transforming normal smartwatches into multifunctional dive computers. This trend plays directly into the hands of tech divers, who dive down to much greater depths, where problems arise that can only be overcome with technical gases and the right technical equipment.

At boot Düsseldorf, visitors are informed about all the latest developments. Here, everyone can find inspiration for their upcoming diving experience and get all the equipment they need.

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